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hey - Free Hugs from ur sexy friend Roshi

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January 6th, 2008

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09:26 am - hey
So I'm finally back from my fabulous trip. In Hong Kong I was able to bargain like I've never bargained before. The people were incredibly nice and helped us out whenever we were lost. My family toured most of the sites in a day which surprised me because of how far everything was. It was so exciting at night to see everything. And of course I got a fake bag! lol Once I post pictures up you'll see the sites that I went to. Then the Philippines. Drama like I've never experienced before. The drama was so intense within my family that I feel no need to complain about mine. I only got to meet 22 first cousins on my moms side and there were still 10 more left that I wasn't able to meet. I met all of my cousins on my dads side because there weren't as many as my moms side. They were hilarious! My brother, Allan, drove us everywhere and I never realized that him and I had such a resemblance. I also discovered that my sis, bro, and I all had the same humor, which made it easy to get along with him. Although there was drama coming out of the ass in my family I've never been happier during Christmas time and New Years. I seriously had the best Christmas and New Years anyone can imagine. Most of my family was there and I spent as much time as possible getting to know them. When I came home, I was incredibly lonely because I sort of got used to coming home to 8 other people. Now its back to my mom, dad, and sis. Back to work, back to life, and back to reality. But on the upside....since my family traveled other places in the world we decided to explore more of the philippines next year but instead of going during the holidays, we might be going back around May. My mom is going back this coming March because she's gonna go and take care of selling the land we have there and get some profit from it.

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