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wow - Free Hugs from ur sexy friend Roshi

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July 28th, 2006

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04:01 am - wow
SO i guess i haven't been writing in this for a while. I"m at home right now staynig up all night so that I can just pass out and sleep on the plane. I'm going on another bloody plane. But i shouldn't complain. My summer has been so fun much so far. SO my trip to AUssie land and New Zealand was fabulous. THere was so much shit going on that I don't wanna type everything out. BUt yeh, my trip was mostly about sightseeing, scandal, and gossip. ALthough I have to admit, the scandal that went on was fun to watch. I didn't really have any drama on the trip so I'm quite pleased with that. AMy and Jackie were my roomies throughout the whole trip. CHristian was cool too. SO it was basically us four wandering around the different cities, while christian and I make fun of the Japanese tourists. Everyone was annoyed at everyone towards the end of the trip. I know i was. SO yeh, off to Rancho cucamonga (sp?) and L.A. I'm not really excited to go there but it'll be nice that my mom finally sees her college friends again. Speaking of more traveling, my sister and I are planning to go to New York this Christmas. I"m excited. SHe told me that she was gonna book the tickets in octorber already so i better get crackin on gettin that job. SO i have about a month left till school starts and i plan to use every minute of it and enjoy it while its here. damn its late and I"m not thinking straight...must goo...
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